Comodo Firewall in Serbian/Srpski

I wont to help.Send me that files to helen2323 [ at ] will try to translate to serbian,I am not sure but I will try.

Sent 8)

Is this ok?Should I continue with translation.And one thing more serbian is not croatian.

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Hellllllooooooo.Does anybody looked at my translation.Is it ok??? (:AGY) (:AGY)

I agree as Serbia and Croatia are two countries, but difference between Serbian and Croatian language is as difference between UK English and US English – basically the same language

wher are you live?
Then it is serbian/croatian/montenegro/bosnia and hercegovina.Its the same language.

When we need to send our translations?

Are this charts allowed žšđčć.I need quick anwser.

Please lets not have an Croatian/Serbian argument. The languages may be very similar, but there are many differences; Especially as of late. If you’re doing a Serbian translation, then maybe we can team-up…

Lots of software has been translated and it would be logical to use the same technical terms as lets say the Joomla! translation uses, or something else that we can agree on. The point is, it needs to be big (I’m not going to say that basically it needs to be Microsoft).

Please let me know what’s up, but translating an awesome product like COMODO certainly isn’t going to be an easy job.


The translation should use Windows XP terminology. I am not saying that this is the best one, but it is most widespread, and that will make people familiar with software. I have translated many applications, and I always use XP terminology.

BTW, may I have a look at Serbian translation? Does it have both scripts (Cyrillic and Latin)?