Comodo Firewall in Greek

Discussion about Greek translation

Hi Egemen,

Please send me the translation files also.I will try to help you with the Greek translation.

Regards. (CNY)

The translation utility corrupts my files :cry:

I have finished translating:

Here is the partially translated CPF_Master.txt

I have not translated yet about 60 lines of this. I’ll try to finish it in this weekend.

I finally finished the Greek translation of CFW :BNC :■■■■

Updated translation with CPF_Images_Text included :smiley:

Hi pandlouk,
I have enclosed latest files with new entries :

CPF_Master_Greek.txt : 99 new entries
cpfsubmit_Master_Greek.txt: 4 new entries
cpfupdate_Master_Greek.txt : 14 new entries
crashrep_Master_Greek.txt : 1 new entry
fwconfig_Master_Greek.txt: 39 new entries

As we have images done, so we can start working on changing images.
Please do this ASAP.


Greek Translation:


[attachment deleted by admin]

Updated greek translation

[attachment deleted by admin]

Kalispera (Hello), (:WAV)

pandlouk: if you want any kind of GREEK translation help then tell me to help you i love comodo :slight_smile:

(V) (:TNG) :BNC