Comodo Firewall in Finnish

Discussion about Finnish translation.

I’ve translated Comodo Firewall to Finnish. I didn’t know where to post translated files so I decided to start a new topic and post them here. I did send PM to umesh about Finnish translation but got no answer.

About translation:

There might still be some translated text which I’m not absolutely sure if they are ok. I mean, when it comes to context/order of words in sentences where there are parameters and other stuff included. I’m unable to verify (and fix, if necessary) those until I can see my translations in real action. :THNK


I’ve updated Finnish translation files and uploaded the latest versions (22.12.2006).


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Thanks comodouser,
We will see if we can release it with 2.4 otherwise it will have to wait for 2.5 release.


I’ll be watching this topic if you’re in need of further assistance with translations.



How can I download the finnish-translation cos it isn’t on the downloadpage Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo like the rest are?


Finnish-translation is not available at the moment. It’ll have to wait for 2.5 release. Read post above.


Will Comodo FW 3.x include finnish translation?

It will, as soon as I or someone else translates v 3 to finnish. I’ve been told that Comodo is working on a translation tool for v 3. We’ll have to wait for it.


So how can I install this language?

Forget about that. That translation was never included with Comodo

Majaileeko tällä foorumilla itseni lisäksi muita halukkaita kääntämään Comodoa omalle kielellemme?

Joo, mutta tuo käännöshomma tuntuu olevan aika vaikeata kun työkaluja ei ole…

Niitä olen minäkin odotellut…