Comodo Firewall in Arabic

Discussion about Arabic translation

Hello everybody,

I am glad to have such opportunity to support Comodo in localizing their user interface into Arabic. Additionally, the translation-into-Arabic (Arabization) activity is yet to be finished today (status = 90%).

On the other hand, I have a question: should I keep the company name (i.e., Comodo) written in English? Let’s consider the statement “Comodo firewall has been updated successfully” as an example. I would love to write it in Arabic, but it is your choice, folks. Are you going to brand yourself as Comodo even to Arabic language speakers? Please, let me know in order to be consistent with the other program components (e.g. documentation, user guide, and the official Web site).


Hoorraayyy! At last, the translation is completed! An updated copy of the translation file is attached. :slight_smile:

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Dummyuser: Thanks much for your help here! Yes, if possible, pls keep ‘Comodo’ in English and not in Arabic script, to retain brand consistency.

Thanks Paulo for the clarification. I will update the translation file accordingly.

Here is the final version. I have reviewed it once more, modified three statements to be more clear, and preserved Comodo’s name in English. Please, let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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hi new user to comodo fw
tnx for this good program
so is the arabic version coming soon?