comodo firewall icon suddenly missing in toolbar

Hi There!

I seem to have lost my comodo icon for the firewall protection as well as the comodo malware program icon. :frowning:
Everything was fine yesterday. I turned on the pc today and both are gone (as well as my anti-virus software program icon – avast). If I open up the Windows Security Alerts icon it states that the firewall protection is off but that the antivirus program is running (although that icon is now missing too). If I go to start / all programs and select the comodo firewall entry then it is up and running and it states the same in the Windows Security Center. How can I fix this problem so that the firewall protection is up and running when I turn the pc on. ???

Yesterday afternoon I did download and install the Windows Defender, but everything was fine even after that installation yesterday. It is just that this morning the problems showed up. I did try doing a system restore to yesterday after the install and running of AdAware but that did not help. So I then uninstalled the Windows Defender in hopes that doing so would solve the problem. No such luck.

I do have a system restore to before the installation of Windows Defender if need be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



There 3 possible reasons for loosing systray icons… but there is only one instance that I can think of where you loose multiple systray icons. The explorer shell has crashed & restarted at some point. A simple reboot will usually resolve this. Typically, processes with missing systray icons are still running without issue (verifiable with the Task Manager).

I not only lost the icons in the systray for both the firewall protection an the malware but I also lost the icon for the antivirus software (Avast).

However, if I click on the Windows Security Alerts icon it stated that the firewall protection was not enabled but that the antivirus protection is up and working (although that icon was missing as well - it was also no longer listed in the msconfig startup tab). If I go to the start - all programs and click on the icon for the firewall protection it is then up and running and appears in the systray — until I shut down my pc and turn it on later or simply reboot. Then I need to go to the all programs to start it again. I have right clicked on the program and sent a shortcut to the desktop so that I can just click on that to get it up and running again.

I was able to fix the problem with the missing icon for the antivirus software by going to the control panel - add/remove and selecting the option to repair the software and that fixed / replaced the missing icon. However, there is no repair option listed for the comodo firewall in the add/remove programs.

I did check the msconfig startup tab and there is nothing listed there for the comodo firewall — if that helps any.

I’m guessing that the installation of the Windows Defender program had something to do with these problems since everything was working fine until after that had been installed. First thing I did when I noticed the problem yesterday was to try a system restore to the last point for the day before but that did not help so I then uninstalled Windows Defender but still the problem is there.

Any suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated.


Hello Again,

I was just at the Lavasoft site and noticed in their forums that there is a post titled “Missing .exe and .lnk file associations” which I didn’t think had anything to do with this problem but now I’m not sure.
The actual webpage is

After reading some of the information there I’m beginning to think that the problem is with the AdWatch feature of the AdAware software program. I did shut that program down yesterday as well as uninstall the Windows Defender but like I said, that didn’t resolve the problem.

I am fairly new to all of this computer stuff and really didn’t understand alot of what they were suggesting for resolutions to the problem or if in fact it actually has anything to do with this problem I am having with the firewall protection. I do have the AdAware free installed on my pc but the AdWatch has been disabled.

I decided to do an uninstall of both the firewall and malware software and then try to reinstall both and see if my problems would be resolved.

First I did the uninstall of both programs; restarted the pc and then I reinstalled the firewall program; restarted the pc and then did the same with the malware program. So far that seems to have fixed the problem – with the Firewall not starting when I start the pc as well as the missing icon. As for the malware, I still have to do a restart to see if that icon shows up in the taskbar next to the clock but at least the firewall protection is back to working properly. I’m not going to reactivate the AdWatch because I simply didn’t like what I was reading on that forum (and I have the up to date version) and I don’t want to take the chance of having it cause even more problems.