Comodo Firewall icon in tray changed

Hi, not sure if this has been asked before.
I returned to the computer after an hour of non-use and discovered that the CFP icon in the tray had changed.
Instead of the blank shield it had the shield with a red circle and a diagonal bar across the circle.
Checking by double-clicking the icon and bringing up the main box showed all systems to be working correctly.
What does this logo mean; surely not that CPF had been shut down?
Is this just a glitch; There were no suspicious reports in the logs for Firewall or Defense+.
A reboot brought it back to normal.

Something happened, I haven’t got it yet, fortunately. Maybe it was checking for updates? Maybe it was an information for you that you need to set something?

It’s a known bug and it will be fixed in a future Comodo Internet Security release.


Many thanks Josh; puts my mind at rest.