comodo firewall icon in system tray has changed

hi guys. everytime i switch on my PC, the comodo firewall icon in my system tray has changed appearance. it has now yellow orange-orange wing like in the left side of the shield icon. the only way for me to fix this is to re-launch the program. also everytime i tried to update the program, an error occured saying error 108: cannot update. please check the internet connection. but i have no problem with my DSL. also i have added comodo in the list of trusted apps.

current version: 3.5.57173.439


Version 3.5 is to old to upgrade, you will have to start fresh with version 5.4.x.1355 which is the latest at the moment.
It could be that the traffic indicator is active, but from the top of my head those where green & red in version 3.x.

oooppss. ok i’ll download the latest version. thanks mate. btw my pc is idle so i dont think its the traffic issue.

hi can you please enlighten me on the 3 types of installation? 1st is firewall only. the second is optimum proactive defense. 3rd is maximum proactive def. so which one should i use? i am only using my PC for web surfing (majority in social networking sites), online games, offline games, programming languages.

also i got this secureDNS installation. what exactly is this? base on my information above should i install it?

Hi Cherrydee. Possibly depends on your other security products, but optimum would be my first choice. Everyone has their own personal choice. Secure Dns is also up to what you think you need some like it some don’t. Here is a couple of links that might help you decide what is best for your situation.

Kind regards.