Comodo Firewall - how to use only the firewall?


I would like to use the comodo firewall on windows 8. But only the firewall, because I have an antivirus and I dont want to uninstall it (or use comodo antivirus + my antivirus).

If I would install “Comodo Firewall Free”, is there only the firewall, or other things too? Becau if I read the description

Prevention-based technology stops viruses

Im thinking there is an antivirus in comodo firewall free(?)

Maybe this is the wrong area, I thought its the best to ask here. If Im wrong sorry :embarassed:

Thank you

If you install only the Firewall version it comes with the firewall, Defense+, and the sandbox. It does not come with the antivirus component.

This is what you should choose if you wish to run this alongside an existing antivirus.

It actually does come with the antivirus component, but the installer script doesn’t show the AV as an installation option. It can however, be installed later with nothing further to download.

So by that token, you could also just download CIS premium and configure the installer not to install the AV.