Comodo firewall help

Hi today a comodo firewall say thath system(with a popup) some Multicast Listener discovery and a router solicitation
i don’t know if is safe? help me??
Permitted= permesso
the image is italian

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Watch he 138 port
if i use stealth port i block the hacker??
No help??

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Since its staying inside the internal network 192.168.1.x I don’t think your being hacked unless you share your internet/network with someone else.

Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) is a component of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) suite. MLD is used by IPv6 routers for discovering multicast listeners on a directly attached link, much like IGMP is used in IPv4…

IGMP operates between the client computer and a local multicast router. Switches featuring IGMP snooping derive useful information by observing these IGMP transactions. Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) is then used between the local and remote multicast routers, to direct multicast traffic from the multicast server to many multicast clients.

IGMP operates on the network layer, just the same as other network management protocols like ICMP.[citation needed]

The IGMP protocol is implemented on a particular host and within a router. A host requests membership to a group through its local router while a router listens for these requests and periodically sends out subscription queries.

IGMP is vulnerable to some attacks, and firewalls commonly allow the user to disable it if not needed.

- Internet Group Management Protocol - Wikipedia

What does in uscita mean? What is the IP address of? Your router, your computer or another computer or device on the local network?

In uscita= in exit is my ip addres on my local network