Comodo firewall getting irritating

I’m sure the previous versions of Comodo Firewall did not present me with so many verification requests?

Also, more importantly, what happened to the simple list of firewalled applications? There used to be an easy way to see which applications were firewalled and often as not I found for example 3 versions of Firefox. I was then able to highlight them and remove them, and then restart Firefox (or any other program) and basically start again with that program. Such a view seems to have disappeared. Or am I going daft or blind? I think it was called something like “List of Applications”!

In common with nearly all the programs I have ever used each new update makes a more complicated and less user friendly program. What you need is one for home users and one for Corporate IT Man. Until now Comodo seemed to be thebest and easiest to use.

For the List of Applications Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy
Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy for TCP UDP etc Rules

Aye, 2.4 GUI was intuitive. But like Dennis points out, what you’re asking is there.
Many problems and doubts would disappear if they made the GUI compact. Main functions need central positioning, and Defense+, mainly, opens too many windows when you look for the rules.

I think you and others wouldn’t be asking this question. Otherwise you’ll find this is a very good program, much better than 2.4 overall.

That’s really helpful thanks - found it. It’s not even named intuitively. I work with user interfaces and write documentation for end users/customers and the rule is Keep IT Simple Stupid for non techy people at least.

I’m trying to redo Port Forwarding for Emule which is not working and I have a feeling it could be the firewall yet it still fails with the firewall off - another post perhaps.

Thanks again. I think the problem is that Comodo will be aiming at the Corporate market soon and will forget about home users. I guess they deserve to make some money but it’s a pity that the needy masses get left out.

I’ve just uninstalled version 3 and reinstalled version 2. It really is a much better program from a user point of view. Presumably the new version has even more defenses but from my point of view the older version is better because easier to use. Perhaps the programmers could have a “beginner” interface aka v.2 and an advanced interface to switch to the new one?

IN version 2 I have the correctly named “Application Monitor”, a nice clear alert level, and when I get an alert for a program all the possible alerts are packaged into a group which I can either cycle through or just click once to allow the program - so much better! - saves me a hundred clicks. Even the little system info panel is useful. The listings windows (like the application monitor and network monitor) are also simpler and more accessible for people like me who don’t really understand all the deep level information that a Firewall specialist might want.

I attached a screenshot in case people have forgotten - I thought I might have been dreaming! The suspicious behaviour was BoClean.

I hope there are database/security updates for version 2. I really don’t want version 3 now I’ve tried version 2 again.

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Comodo 2.4 and 3.0 are COMPLETELY different programs. Comodo 2.4 is a firewall. Comodo 3.0 is a firewall with HIPS and is clearly the most powerful firewall out there. If you want a stand alone firewall and dont care about trying to stop malware in its tracks then I guess 2.4 is for you. If you want a firewall and have the protection of stopping malware or any other viruses in its track then 3.0 is for you. If you take the time and learn Comodo 3.0 its all very easy. The first thing I do after installing anything is click around through all the tabs and options to see what the program is about. 90% of what I know about Comodo 3.0 I learned myself by playing with certain settings and reading the help file.

I am sorry you do not like CPF3 I believe it has been done like this to make it as simply as possible most users will be happy with what they see in the first page in each tab ie. Common Tasks.

Help File & Stickies need to be read pls!


All that is true, but it doesn’t make the cpf 3 interface any more intuitive, or easily navigable. And even if you already know where all the features can be accessed, it’s still a pain to have to open up 5 separate windows to get there…
There’s no point lambasting people who say that they find the new cpf3 interface difficult to use with what an excellent product cpf3 is, that’s not the point that they are trying to make.

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