Comodo Firewall Functionality Query.

Good Afternoon,

I’m unsure if anyone can help, or whether I’m even posting this in the correct location, please advise if anything is incorrect - I’ll advise the situation and potentially people can comment might be easiest.

I have comodo firewall installed and configured on a machine - working fine once logged into Windows XP SP3 O/S. All rules setup and working exactly as desired.

However, before logging into Windows XP on the PC - I wish to connect to a wireless access point and subsequently a VPN connection that comes up before the Windows XP logon prompt/gina.

I am unable to connect to a wireless access point and subsequently the VPN before logon to Windows.

Currently, if I do logon to Windows, I can connect to the wireless access point with no problems and the VPN - If I leave the existing Comodo configuration intact and restart the PC - I will be unable to connect to my wireless access point and VPN before logging into Windows XP. If I disable Comodo at this point and restart the PC, I can connect with no problems whatsoever.

I believe that Comodo Firewall is starting before user logon to Windows, but the configuration I have applied to Comodo Firewall doesn’t take effect until after logon. Meaning the connection I am trying to establish pre-logon is being blocked.

Any assistance, comments or help would be much appreciated. If I’m clearly approaching this from the wrong angle, or anyone has has any suggestions on a resolution, or work around in software that would be great.

Many, many thanks in advance.