Comodo Firewall freezing

I have used Comodo Firewall for some time with no problems. I persuaded a friend to install it in a new Dell, Win 7, 64 bit laptop. However, every now and again Comodo pops up the following:-

“SynTPHelper.exe is trying to modify user interface…”

With that the machine freezes. There is no cursor, it is not possible to move the focus with the Tab key, Allow & Block buttons are not accessible. She has to re-boot to get control. Later I discovered that ALT+CTRL+DEL clears everything right back to the shut down screen. Clicking on Cancel get things back to normal.

2 questions. Has anyone any suggestions? And how do I un-install Comodo if she isn’t happy. I know my way around XP, but am not familiar with the Win 7 interface.


That would be the synaptics touchpad drivers that have been plaguing laptop users.

You should add this file to her safe files and Comodo should leave it alone.

Thank you HeffeD, now I’ve got to find out how to find the path to that pesky file in Win 7. I wish she’d got an XP machine!!!