Comodo Firewall Free v5


I’m thinking of installing the new free Comodo Firewall 5 component on my PC. The problem is that I have an older desktop PC (Intel P4 @3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP) and I need my system resources free as much as possible, becaus I record & mix music (and that’s very consuming). I already use Avast!'s free AV and Sandboxie for my protection, so now I need a firewall… Please tell me, how much memory would Comodo Free Firewall v5 take on my system?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

only firewall, defense+… (without installed antivirus, and a disabled comodo sandbox)

around 50mb ram.

btw, keep sandboxie too :wink:

Huh, that’s twice as much as Avast AV is using on my machine (cca. 35.000K).

And what if I disable D+ also and use only the firewall?

I also tought about using Comodo Firewall 4 or 3 (old version that is), but it’s protection is probably not so good as in the new v5?

Anyway, thank you for help! :slight_smile:

I am now testing cis v5 almost full (sandbox disabled, no cloud, av and general manual update) where cmagent is eating 4484 KB while cfp accounts for 4232 KB.
avgnt and avguard (avira), whom i didn’t ask anything since only running in the first partition, still respectively 1536 KB and 10876 KB.

My “normal” partition is running cis3+avira:
again avgnt 1536 KB and avguard 10876 KB for avira.
same numbers for cis.

The cis5 partition starts faster then the cis3+avira one, due to a longer avira activation time.
The CPU usage in idle state in both partitions is typically under 2%.

No lag whatsoever (but, true enough, i don’t run hungry music and video software, a curious idea on an old system), altough the specifications are not yesterday’s one:
xp pro sp3, Celeron 3.06 MhZ, 1 MB SDRAM, with very lousy sound and graphic motherboard integrated chipsets.

Forgot to say: excepting coming a little sooner to operating state (avira), my tests have not lead at the time speaking to think that, maybe excepting the av, cis5 has whatever superiority.
I don’t believe that the sandbox brings more benefits then trouble, and if your idea is that cis3 is more ressource economic (do your own arithmetic), it is very good in custom settings.

the lower numbers are the “working set”.
my numbers where about the “private bytes”.

dont know exactly the difference, but maybe “working set” is the real amount, while “private bytes” is reserved space?