Comodo firewall for windows 98

(:SAD) I need to find suitable version of Comodo firewall for windows 98. Help meeee!

Very sorry to be the bearer of sad news for you, tuncer.rahsan, but Comodo Firewall does not support Win 95, 98, or ME. Only the Win 2K, 2K3, and XP (32-bit only).

CFP v3 will add 64-bit support, and Vista, but will be dropping the W2K family; only XP & Vista will remain.

I know that is bitter news; there are not a lot of good (or even decent) firewalls for Win 98 - I know; my wife’s computer is Win 98 and I’ve faced the same issue there…

Your best bet may be Jetico v1 - it supports Win98. Can be a little noisy for the user that wants a “set & forget” firewall.