Comodo Firewall: "Error while loading services"

Hi all,

When booting or re-booting my computer, I get the following error message: “Comodo error - error while loading resources from C:\Programfiles\COMODO\COMODOInternetSecurity\Themes\default.set. Aborting application.”

I am using Comodo Firewall version 5.4.58750.1355, running Windows XP service pack 3. I have Malwarebytes Anti-malware, Super Antispyware, and Avast! antivirus installed on my computer.

I searched the forums and saw the thread where Malwarebytes detected the file I am referencing as a trojan, but I don’t recall that happening with me.

All help is appreciated, and please let me know what other information might be helpful in resolving this issue.


Can you compare the default.set in the themes folder with the one in the repair folder. Are they the same or do they differ?

Do you have the Comodo AV as resident scanner or as on demand only? Are MBAM and SAS both only for on demand?

Hi EricJH,

Thanks for your help! The files in the themes folder are the same as the ones in the repair folder, though there are many other files in the repair folder that aren’t in the themes folder.

I only use MBAM and SAS once a month or so, but use Comodo as my primary firewall, and Avast is also always running in the background.

I take it you are not using the Comodo AV. Is that correct?

Try running Diagnostics (it is under More) and see what it says and if it brings a solution or not.

Correct, I am not using Comodo AV, just the stand-alone Comodo Firewall.

I don’t see the “more” when I click “Start”,“All Programs”,“Comodo.” The only options I have are “CIS”, which leads to “Add & Remove Components”,“Comodo Firewall”, and “Comodo Firewall Manual.” The other option is “Comodo Live PC Support,” which leads to “Comodo Live PC Support”, and “Uninstall.”

The More tab is in the main interface. It is the far right button at the top.

I can’t seem to access that. Although cmdagent.exe is running in the processes, I cannot open Comodo. I get the same error message when I try to do so.

Try adding the Comodo installation folders to the exclusions of Avast. Also follow the tips in this post by Boris3 for a successful cohabitation between CIS and Avast.

I could not find the Comodo installation folders. I tried to uninstall Comodo, both to see what would happen, and to follow the post you directed me to. When I tried, via the path Start->All Programs->COMODO->Comodo Internet Security->add or remove components, the wizard opened, then I got an error message that read, “A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\CIS_setup.msi”

I tried looking for that file following the path indicated by the error message, but could not find it.

One other point of note. I did add all the COMODO program files to the exclusions for Avast!, to see if that would work. It had no effect, but, interestingly, when I did that, I received an alert from Windows Security Alerts telling me that my firewall is turned off. I did not have that alert until I made the adjustments to Avast! described above.

CIS by default will install in %Program Files% (typically c:\Program Files).

I just reread your topic start and saw you are running v5.4. Please update to the 5.5 using the program updater. Hopefully that will fix your problem.

I will try that once I overcome my latest problem.

I got a blue screen with a stop error 0x0000007E, related to inspect.sys, which I understand is a file related to Comodo. Any idea on how I might overcome this? I am presently on my tablet, as I cannot boot my laptop.

Is the blue screen error keeping you from successfully booting into Windows?

If that is th case then boot to Safe Mode, export the active configuration (More → Manage My Configurations) and run this Comodo Forum]clean up tool to uninstall CIS.

Then boot back into Windows and look for left overs of previously installed security programs .
Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

When done running the clean up tools install CIS v5.5. Before rebooting you can already import your old 5.4 configuration.

Make sure the saved configuration is stored in a folder that is not part of the CIS installation folders.

If you want to keep your av definitions file make sure to copy the bases.cav from the scanners folder to another folder. After installing v5.5 do not reboot and copy the bases.cav to the scanners folder.

The blue screen error is preventing me from booting into Windows.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know how I am supposed to export the configuration if I cannot open Comodo. I get the same error message when I try to open Comodo as when I boot up.

I also am unable to get online in safe mode, for some reason.

OK, so I figured out how to get online in safe mode, but I still cannot open Comodo to export my configuration.

Should I just run the un-install tool you referenced, and start from scratch with v5.5?

Sometimes clean install is the way to go. Go ahead and do a clean install.

Success!! I think (crosses fingers).

I was able to un-install Comodo, then install v5.5. I followed the directions in the post you directed me to about having Avast! and Comodo work together, and I think I’ve got that done correctly.

A few notes about the un-installer. While I was un-installing Comodo using the tool you directed me to, I received several error messages. The most common was, “Error: the system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.” I don’t know what that means, or if each file was successfully deleted.

Another error message was, “Error: invalid key name,” and another was, “Error: access denied.” I don’t know why I would have gotten those messages.

Also, thanks for directing me to the clean-up tools. There seemed to be some files left over from when I used to use Norton, and AVG for anti-virus.

Thank you SO much for all your help and patience.

The clean up tool is very basic tool which produces a lot of noise.

Usually the official uninstaller removes the big majority of files and registry keys. As a result the tool will give a lot of notifications that files or keys were not found; that is the noise I was talking about.

There is one set of keys this clean up tool cannot clean: that causes the Access Denied errors. However that is usually not a problem.

Let us know how things are after the clean install.

Thanks, that’s what I thought about the error messages.

I installed version 5.5 last night, and followed the the link to Boris’ post about having Avast! and Comodo play nicely together. I think all is well now, as it’s been about 24 hours with no problems.

Thanks again for all your help!