Comodo firewall don't always ask me to allow access to internet.

I mentioned it several times on other place in forum but now I think it belongs here.

On Windows 10 Comodo Firewall does not always ask me, if I want to allow a application to connect to the Internet or not even firewall is set to “own policy” and online-lookup and auto-trust are disabled.
Some Applications (for example Opera Browser ) get blocked silently and some others (for example Outlook ) get allowEd silently.
I need firewall to always ask me.

happens the same here on win 7 x64, either I set Custom Policy and Learning mode
Also removing all its trusted vendors and so on

What is funny is I try also with others CF versions (I have an archive) and happen the same, in my case it should not due to CF itself
I reinstalled windows, very fresh installation and the problem is still present

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