Comodo Firewall does not handle POP3 well within Windows Live Mail

After installing Comodo Firewall ( latest version [ at ] 22/12/08 ) it is not possible anymore to send or receive mail via POP3, any sollutions out there? (:AGY)

After ininstalling Comodo it was working fine. After that I installed Webroot Desktop Firewall and Windows Live Mail was working fine as before.

Any way known to stay with the fine products of COMODO?



Hallo AJanssen,

Looks like there got something blocked because you are talking about sending and receiving.
Sending mail goes via SMTP and receiving can be POP3 or IMAP so if both are failing, i guess there is something blocked.

You not running CIS anymore if i understand this post correctly ?
I’d say give it a clean install, start you mail program and if CIS Firewall pop’s for an alert give it the “Allow / Email Client” policy. If Defense+ pop’s give it “Allow / Trusted application”.
See if that helps, if not please check the log files to see if something got blocked.

Ronny, just to let you know, I’ve discussed it with him in dutch (which you understand ;)) over here



If he want’s to continue to find the problem, let us know and then i’ll drop in on that in dutch.

As you mentioned the Webroot Desktop Firewall in your post, do you by any chance also use Webroot Spy Sweeper with the email shield active?

If so, try turning off the email shield in Spy Sweeper and see if that resolves the issue with the Comodo firewall.

it’s sure it’s bad configuration cause windows mail works with no prob on my vista OS.
when u got the comodo firewall alert about windows mail, just set it as email client and it should work fine.

Hi there,

So I informed you all that I did some re-installing and it did not help.
Disabling Webroot did not help and only POP3 still does not work.
Uninstalling CIS was the only option to get Live Mail working again.
Even when LMail was give all access in and out it dit not work. :frowning:
I use now Webroot Desktop Firewall and let’s the mail in and out.
The FW is not as well as CIS but I do not know how to get it working.

Kind regards,