comodo firewall crashed

what is the version comodo firewall I am using

version 8.0.4337

what os

Microsoft windows 8.1 x64 upto date till November 2014 (even installed 786mb optional update)

what antivirus I am using

Dr.web antivirus with out firewall install as well proactive protection is disabled or we can say everything allowed in that setting of that column
No other security solution installed
In comodo hips turned on (it is in clean pc mode) and auto sandbox turned on and behavior blocker turned on with firewall setting in safe mode with create rule for safe application automatically. In hips module also create rule for safe application option turned on.

what happened

when I start the computer comodo firewall crashed and restarted itself for almost three times from 29/11/2014 onwards for every starting of the computer. but this not happening when I restart the computer directly from the start menu and it created crash report and saved, even in windows event reporter having report about comodo firewall crashed I checked with Microsoft through event viewer log, but Microsoft do not have any thing regarding this error, they said it is new to them.

ps: sorry this is the first time ever I am reporting any bugs report to any application I am using in my life. if it is not in upto your rules I am sorry.

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In order to further process your bug report you have to use the required format.

Thank you.

As there has been no reply, I will move this report to “Resolved/Outdated Issues” section.

Thank you.