Comodo Firewall contra security centre.

(:AGY)I install ComodoFirewall yesterday on me PC. and i look in Windows Security Centre.
And what do i see? Not The Comodo FireWall but The Panda Firewall is running on me PC!!
This is ofcourse a Joke,and for me to understand.
6a7 Months A Go did i use The PandaSuite!! (this including Firewall)
The last 7Monts i did use the Kerio Firewall. but yesterday install i the Comodo.
So,Windows called him Panda. Who know how this can happened??? :THNK


The answer is: Windows Repository is what drives the Security Center warning about the firewall. Apparently it has not ever rebuilt itself since you uninstalled Panda, so it’s showing old information.

Here is a link to a post in these forums where you can find a batch file that one of the Moderators built, to automatically rebuild the Repository. Hopefully that will help.,2479.msg19751.html#msg19751