Comodo Firewall (CIS) crashes on Windows 7 startup (V 3.12.11 x64)


im using the firerwall (only) of the CIS. At the time i installed the final of Windows 7 ultimate x64, bevor i was using the beta and the RC i had only sometimes the problem that the firewall crashed on startup but i was a rare thing.
Now i have the final and on every 1of2 startups the CIS crahses, only when i boot the PC, not when i start CIS after the crash.

I forgot to copy the error-message from windows, is there something like a LOG?


same problem, using win 7 x64 ultimate, RC 7600 with latest updates.

Like kleineMax, after the crash on startup, if i restart the CIS it runs perfectly.

I’m using only Firewall of Comodo, with norton antivirus 2010

Same problem for me.

Win 7 x64 ultimate with latest updates, using only the firewall feature. Crash on startup, no crash if I start it later on.

i got the same problem
i’m using 32bits version windows 7 ultimate
and using comodo (only firewall)

it ramdom crash at startup
something it won’t crash

but if i start comodo manually afterward, it’s fine and run well…

Same Problem with Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Comodo only Firewall and Gdata Antivirus.

cfp.exe crahes sometimes at start.


I see something in common. You are all on Win7 x64. I assume that you are all referring to a crash of cfp.exe.

First make sure you are using the latest version. Update to 3.14.130099.587 either by using the program updater or by using the installer: COMODO Internet Security 3.14.130099.587 released

Then read Important: how to submit bugreports (read this if you want them fixed) and post all the necessary information in one new reply. Also post your minidump files as requested in BSODs: Please add your minidump files here.

Usually we like to keep separate topics for each bug. But this is a one time opportunity to have a bundle of probably related bugs together. This will only work if you do exactly as I told you; otherwise this thread become a mess.

Once the information is in place an minidumps are published it is up to the devs.

Well, not only Win7 user have this problem. I’m on WinXP 32bit SP3 and for ~3 days have same issue.

Hey guys I had the exact same problem and got it solved pretty easy, when I check on the application event log (Windows → Control Center → Adminstrative Tools-> Eventlog)
I discovered the following dll causing the crash:

so I just thought to update msxml I downloaded and installed Microsoft XML 3.0, 4.0 and 6.0 (in that order) and Problem never occured again. just keep in mind if you are running on W7x64 to download 6.0 for x64 to avoid any other issues.

Hope this helps you guys!

This MSXML3 or MSXML6 seems not the solution for me. MSXML is also quite old, when reading the info on microsoft download page. Plus I am already up-te-date according windows update.

I have this solution - it worked for me:

I had the situation that Windows 7 (x64) hanged during start-up after installation of the Comodo Firewall in about 50% of the start-ups. Really annoying.

Then I realized that my windows firewall was also running / not disabled. After disabling the windows firewall, Windows did not hang a single time anymore.

Good luck.