Comodo firewall : can't block some application in Custom Ruleset mode

Hi guys,
There is a problem.
Comodo firewall (in custom ruleset) can not block connections of a application named “DownloadSDKServer.exe”.It is a component of a download tool (Thunder).
And these connecions can not be seen in the comodo view connections,but they can be seen in comodo killswitch and tcpview.
They can be blocked in “Block All” mode.
Any idea?
Thank you.
win10 x64 20H2
comodo firewall

Is there a x64 version of DownloadSDKServer.exe? Your application path is using an x86 version, you’re running on Windows 10 x64, can you check if you mistakenly block the wrong version.

If the file path is correct, then you should also block incoming connections. As you can see DownloadSDKServer.exe was listening on port 54321 and all established connection are connected to that local port 54321. Therefore all established connection of DownloadSDKServer.exe are incoming.

Thank you.
There is no x64 DownloadSDKServer.exe.
I confused,why those connections can not be seen in comodo view connections?

Probably at that time there were no incoming connections. Can you show us both comodo view connection and killswitch in a single screenshot.