Comodo Firewall blocking Yahoo Messenger

Comodo Firewall has just started to block Yahoo Messenger from loading. Is there any Comodo feature that will make this happen?

Using Defense+ You Can Block Application From Loading. If Possible Let Us Know Whats Happening While Starting Yahoo Messenger, Do You Get Any Error ?

I have the same problem. Within the past few weeks Yahoo messenger will not load until I exit Comodo. There are no error messages and after Messenger starts I reload Comodo and it works fine. I added yahoomessenger.exe as a trusted program, but that did not help.

Make sure you have the proper rules in D+ and Firewall for the following Yahoo components:

I would suggest to delete the rules for both of them in D+ and Firewall. Then make Yahoo one of your My Trusted Software Vendors. When starting up Yahoo it will create rules automatically.

Is there anything getting blocked in the logs?
It works fine for me.
I block yahooupdater in fact I delete it.
And it works.
But I clean registry of any yahoo junk when I reinstall it.

Yahoo is/was listed as a trusted software vendor.

It was the log in process that wouldn’t complete, yahoomessenger.exe was running.

There were no error messages and no events logged.

A new version of Yahoo! Messenger just became available. After installation and restart, Comodo learned new rules for this app. I don’t know if it was the new rules or changes in the new version of messenger, but it now works fine.