Comodo Firewall Blocking Windows Operating System on a LAN PC

Why does the Comodo Firewall log shows that it blocks a Windows Operating System on a LAN PC trying to access port 80 with a designation IP: (the PC that I am using to post this)? See attachment. I know port 80 is used for websites and we are able to browse the web from the PC with no problem. I tried adding the PC as a trusted network zone in Comodo Firewall, but the firewall still blocks and logs the activity of the Windows Operating System on PC. What is this? Is there a way to prevent this if this is a harmless activity? Thanks for any information.


[attachment deleted by admin]

To allow communications in your LAN, you must go to Firewall > Stealth Port Wizard and choose the first option “Define a new trust network and make my ports stealth to everyone else” and then in the following window enter your IP and Subnet Mask.