Comodo Firewall Blocking Trusted Programs/Breaking Dragon Center/Newbie Question

After taking a year long hiatus from using Comodo, I decided to get back to using it since Windows Firewall just wasn’t cutting it anymore. However, I’m noticing that Comodo Firewall is blocking a lot of outgoing connections from Trusted Programs. Also, anytime that I install Comodo, it breaks MSI Dragon Center and so I have to reinstall it. I’m quite noobish when it comes to using 3rd party firewalls and I’ve used a guide on setting up Comodo Firewall/Hips from this website, but it’s quite outdated. Is there a guide out there that’s more recent, one that’s for new users? For the blocked programs in the Firewall Section, should I just set them to allowed applications? If I do that, then it allows all incoming and outgoing connections…is that safe? When it comes to Comodo Firewall should you use only outgoing connections? Also, I clicked allow when setting up MSI Dragon Center and it created the files you see in the HIPS section (except for runtimebroker which I also allowed), so why are they there? Should those be set to Allowed Applications? Sorry for the noobish questions.


Applications safe or certifies configure “applications safe”, but if not entrust “only output” ;
use setting: File Rating Configuration, Virus Protection, Internet Protection | CIS Help | COMODO

with these settings enabled you will be safe enough :-TU

I understand the idea behind the link you sent me, but I’m having trouble understanding what it is that you think that I should do. I should uninstall Comodo and add all of the programs I trust to trusted list? There’s a lot of programs on my computer that I would need to add and if I do it after it has been given trusted status, then what happens to the existing rules that were created when it was blocked via hips and the firewall?

These entries in the Unblock Applications panel are invariably created on system startup, before Comodo is fully loaded. The Firewall blocks any outgoing connections as protection. They will all work as intended once Comodo is up and running

If you start unblocking them, it will simply create a mess of rules, which you don’t need in any case. Every now and then, I just check them all and remove them . . . . .

These are a couple of replies to a user regarding this:

Gotcha. I just have one more question, when exactly would you need to allow all incoming and outgoing connections and when would it be necessary to only allow outgoing connections?

Edit: Is there any way to restore a deleted Global Rule? I deleted the first two Allow Outgoing/Income…HOME1 because there are no other computers that I share files with. I may not have deleted any additional rules other than the first two, but it’s 7 AM here and I haven’t slept yet lol, so I’m not thinking straight. Does this look correct? Sorry for asking so many questions. I’m preparing to take IT college classes next year, so I’m trying to brush up on some of my computer/software knowledge. Thanks.

Really that depends entirely on what applications and in what circumstances you use them.

Sharing is not the only function of the Network Zone ID. WiFi, Router etc. all come into play. See here Network Zones If you’ve deleted a Global Rule and are using a default Config then no, not if you’ve saved it. Remember - If you think, it’s all gone too far you can always do a fresh install and start over.

Before you start deleting and adding Rules, I would advise exporting a Configuration, saving it under a particular name. Import it back, activate it and then you have one to setup for your own particular usage - rather than altering the default Config. Starting with Proactive is probably the safest until you get more familiar with everything

You can restore the default global rules using the stealth ports task and select block incoming connections, and it won’t matter if an application has an allow incoming connections rule, as the incoming connection would need to pass the global rules first.

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