COMODO Firewall blocking my Lexmark X2580

Hi I have a Lexmark X2580 printer, after installing Comodo firewall, it stopped working the printer and the scanner.

anyone can help me fix this, because the only thing i tried is uninstalling comodo firewall and that make it work, but i want keep Comodo firewall


Is this a network printer/scanner? Or do you hook it up with a USB cable?

Hello, I’m new user of Comodo firewall and I’m facing the same problem with my Lexmark printer (model X5470) used with a USB cable on a Windows Seven 64bits system. Eventhough I disable the Comodo firewall I’m not able to scan any document : I’m forced to uninstall totally Comodo firewall in order to scan :-\ Thank you by advance for your help.

The problem may be with Defense +. To see if D+ plays a role disable D+ by selecting Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart) and rebooting.

When that helps enable D+ again and set D+ to Safe Mode and reboot. Then show a screenshot of the D+ logs (View Defense + Events).