Comodo Firewall became a sieve

One day Comodo Firewall became like a sieve. It allows all the traffic.
I think it started after Sleep Mode(Hybrid).
If I turn on the “Block all” mode. It doesn’t block anything too.
How to resolve this? Reinstall comodo?

I would reinstall it

After reinstall Comodo Firewall, it asked me 6 times for restarting. And everytime UAC asked to allow comodo to be installed. When I switch UAC off, comodo didn’t continue install. And now there is no comodo program in program’s list. And I don’t know how to uninstall and how to continue install it…

TO uninstall CFP in that situation run this clean up tool in Windows Safe Mode.

When done boot back into Windows and install CFP again.

OK, Thank you!