Comodo Firewall + Avast + Windows Defender Firewall on Windows 10

Hi all,
I use on my windows 10 PC (last version), a mixed configuration between Avast AV + Comodo Firewall and I never had problems.
Below my configuration:

Comodo Firewall:
Firewall ==> Safe Mode
Auto-Containment ==> Enabled
HIPS ==> Disabled
VirusScope ==> Enabled
WebSite Filtering ==> Enabled

Avast Antivirus:
Virus Scan ==> ON
Core Shield ==> ON
File Shield ==> ON
Behavior Shield ==> ON
Mail shield ==> ON
Web shield ==> ON

Yesterday I noticed that also Windows Defender Firewall is turned ON but only for Public Profile (see attached snapshot).
Do you think that is better to completely disable Windows Firewall to avoid conflict/slowness ?

two softwares antivirus can cause errors or crashes;
try uninstaller avast antivirus and use only comodo firewall with module antivirus actived;
firewalls from third parties disabled windows firewall (in windows 10 in some cases windows defender not completely disabled)

I never had (since 3 years) issues or crashes related Avast + Comodo, where Avast is only set like AV and Comodo set only like firewall.
Do you think that is better to remove Avast?

And what about my question on Windows Firewall? Can I also turn OFF firewall on “Public Profile”? Why is it ON, it should be managed by Comodo or not?

Do not turn off Windows firewall. The best most stable set up is running Comodo Firewall only with the full Windows Defender suite - Defender will be your Anti-virus - it is already fully integrated into windows - has top level detection - and plays well with Comodo firewall standalone. Remove all of the Avast software.