Comodo Firewall + Avast antivirus free combo.

Has anybody tried this combo? Are there any performance issues?

Avast antivirus free - default setup
CIS - Disabled everything except firewall

I’m tired of CIS constantly trying to fully virtualize many of the files I download (to be more exact, tired of getting them out of sandbox), and it looks like Windows firewall is more of a swiss cheese rather then firewall (programs adding themselves to exceptions without asking user). And comodo relies more on it’s sandboxing rather then it’s AV, so here I am. I’ll use manual comodo sandbox or sandboxie to test suspicious files.

So if anybody used this combo, are there any conflicts or performance slow downs?

P.S. I tried other popular firewalls, but they don’t go well with virtual wi-fi I use to share Internet connection and \ or L2TP connection that is required by my ISP to actually access Internet.

Comodo offers the best firewall in the world for computer security.
Comodo’s “Default Deny” method is far greater security than any AV on the market. AV is the last line of protection one can expect.
Yes, you can disable the Sandbox if you choose, but to rely instead solely on an AV for protection is opening your computer to more harm than it should.
The choice is indeed yours.

Comodo Firewall + Avast antivirus free combo

That was the combo I had used for over 4 years since 2011. Needless to say Comodo Firewall is a keeper and works fine with most if not all AVs. And Avast is known for it’s light impact on system resources though in recent years it only ranks as a mediocre AV by testing labs. But since this April I’d switched my AV to 360TS, which works even more smoothly and co-exists fine with everything on the system !

And like John said, you’re free to try and make your own choice.

I tried to explain my concern about loosing stuff in the sandbox in topics like this

I don’t mind half of my programs being installed \ run in sandbox, if only you’ll never have to reset it, which is not the case. But it was largely ignored, or nobody (except 1 guy) knows what to do. There were several wishes about improving sandbox management, some are even voted enough to be forwarded to Comodo, yet we still have this “All or nothing” sandbox. I mean a sandbox is supposed to be a temporary place to see if a suspicious \ unknown file is safe, not a permanent storage space, am I wrong?