Comodo firewall & AV with other AV ?

First of all i think Comodo is brill and this new firewall & anti virus is the best suite out there but i wanted to know if the Comodo suite was good enough on its own or do you still need to run a separate real time anti virus program as well, like maybe Avira or Avast or some such ?

If someone could maybe tell me the best security set up using Comodo for my PC`s one using XP and the other with Win & rc, i wud be eternally grateful.

Hi. If you wish to run a separate AV, then by all means do. However, please don’t use which ever AV you choose and CIS AV at the same time. This applies to any two AV products running in real time. it will only cause conflicts.

If you wish, use CIS AV real time and install some other AV for on demand scanning.