Comodo Firewall AV Scanner ?= Comodo AntiVirus [Resolved]

Hi! It’s really great to give your products a whirl!

I’m a bit confused about what kind of AV protection is already installed with Comodo Firewall.

On this page:

it says “includes AV Scanner” (the 2nd check in the list)

I currently have avast! antivirus installed and want to remove it.

Does this mean I have the same level of protection from viruses or do I need to install Comodo AntiVirus?

Please let me know if the “AV Scanner” included with Comodo Firewall is the same or different from Comodo AntiVirus.

If it’s different, please tell me what is different so I can make a decision in regards to whether or not to uninstall avast! AV and whether or not to install Comodo AntiVirus.


Welcome to the forum!

The integrated scanner in the firewall is not a replacement of the antivirussoftware you are using now!

the build in av scanner is an on demand scanner, wich means it is not working in the background checking for infections, the av scanner only detects and removes viruses if you start the scanning engine. (like most of the antispyware programs)

If you want a replacement for your av scanner you could use CAVS (Comodo antivirus/antispyware) but you can better wait until it succesor is out: CAVS 3.

Check out the rest of the forum to know more about CAVS and the other securityproducts of COMODO!

I hope i have been usefull to you!

ok, Have a nice day!


thanks for the warm welcome! :smiley:

ok - what I hear is to keep Comodo Firewall and avast! installed for the time being and get my work done :slight_smile:

in the spirit of being a diehard Comodo fan, is there a reason you are not recommending switching to Comodo AV 2 beta right now?

you answered my original question so if you would like to start a new thread, let me know.


Comodo av is ok but stick with Avast. I actually use Avira Premium 8.

Fact is that the support and developtment for CAVS 2 is stopped. They’er now all working on CAVS3 and the signatures. So in the meantime, it’s better to use a replacement like avast.


ah - gotcha - thanks for that clarification. I’ll keep on buzzin!

Anther +1 help for tripleX and Xan ;D


Topic Resolved I think

Thread closed, per the request of Xan. If the issue continues and you want it opened, PM Xan :-TU.