Comodo Firewall + Antivirus 3.9.95478.509 now on Filehippo

Go and see for yourselves: Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows - . (:CLP)

Great to see this, I visit Filehippo regularly ;D

very happy to see that thanks eric for sharing this news,
why is not there on yet?

Very nice indeed, I think Filehippo is a trusted and good source for downloading. Now they just need to update the screen shots and the icon. 88)


I have been EMALING them and EMAILING them, And to my suprise… One of the admin guys emailed me back stating this is now on filehippo! After 4 months later of my last email to them to add CIS.

Thank you filehippo for listening to not just me, but other users too!

Thank you… I have been waiting for over a year! (:CLP)


Why does it say Comodo firewall + Antivirus, Instead of Comodo Internet Securirty?

It was Josh who did the lobbying… and may be others… :-TU