Comodo firewall and Windows Remote Desktop


Minor irritant. I often use Windows Remote Desktop. If I am remoted into a workstation with the Comodo Firewall loaded, I do not see any prompts from the Firewall. Therefore, I often have to exit, come back in via a standard VNC product, answer the Firewall prompt, then exit and return to Windows Remote Desktop. Of course, I could stick with the VNC product and be done with it, but Windows Remote Desktop is more responsive. Comodo Firewall is the only product I have used that exhibits this behavior. Also, when I am remoted in, and I try to add an IP or an application by clicking the PLUS button, I can’t see the prompt. Yet, when I right-click and add, I can see the prompt. Odd behavior.


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Does this mean there is no intention of changing Comodo to run at the system level instead of at the user level? Most, if not all, the programs I run provide a choice at installation.



While I do not know specifics about Comodo thoughts in this area, I believe it is considered to be a security risk to be able to control a firewall remotely in the way that would be required by Remote Desktop Connection.

I’m not a programmer, tho, so I’m not a definitive answer-man on that… :wink:


I’m experiencing problems aswell. So far that certain programs crash because they are awaiting confirmation and I don’t see those alerts popping up.

Anyway, I’m not going to uninstall Comodo because of this, it’s a great product and I’m sure they will fix this asap.

Just a side note, as I don’t know why it would be different, using LogMeIn (as opposed to Remote Desktop Connection) does allow access to the popups, once the connection is actually created. During the connection process, of course, those are not seen. With my setup (Alert Frequency, etc), I tested it on two computers in the office, running back and forth to answer the popups generated while the initial connection was being established. Since that point, it’s been fine.


I know this is an extremely old thread, but it seems to be the most recent that details my only frustrations with this great product. I too remote desktop to a lot of machines, which all now have Comodo running on them and every now and again, to have a program randomly stall because I haven’t seen the prompt is extremely frustrating. Are there any plans at all to give an option to allow administration of Comodo through a Remote Desktop?

I have exactly the same problem and it is really frustrating. Comodo Firewall is a real efficient tools (I have tested different ones…). However, this lack is really penalizing.

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Which version of the firewall are you using?