Comodo Firewall and Windows 7 Firewall Question?.

Hi guys, I have just installed Windows 7 64 on my new PC and have switched off the Windows Firewall in the Security Action Center but while checking out the OS I noticed that a report said that the Firewall was off in the User/Public profile setting but was on in the Domain setting. I could not find a simple way to turn off the Domain setting unless I switch it off in the services menu. I did a Google search on the issue and came across the following article but am not sure whether any action is needed at all. As a new Win7 user I do not want to do anything I will regret and would appreciate any advice offered by any Comodo/Win7 64 users on these forums.

I’m just a humble user, win 7 64bit, using Comodo CIS premium, but will advise, just require the ‘user profile of windows firewall’ turned off, in order to use Comodo, or other firewall. If you try to disable it completely, you will ■■■■■ up MS net processes & gain nothing. This applies to Win 7 versions.