comodo firewall and utorrent [RESOLVED]

every time i use utorrent to download a file…the connection status is red and says that there are no connections and that the port is blocked…i have modified the rule in comodo to allow in/out connections…but still the port is blocked…if i disable comodo and enable windows firewall the connection icon in utorrent turns green and everything works fine…i use windows vista x32

Please follow the uTorrent thread. Also if you have a hardware modem you need to port forward it.You also make uTorrent trusted.

oh ok thanks a lot…well i ise a router but it doesnt block the port…as i said when i disable comodo everything works fine…anyway…the rules u told me to create fixed the problem…thanks a lot

You NEED to port forward your router. Very important. A hardware firewall is your first and best line of defense.