COMODO Firewall and UT3 Port Problems

Why is COMODO Internet Security blocking ports of UT3 that i have allow to bypass firewall? Please Correct this problem. (Comodo Internet Security 3.8.65951.477 Running vista 32bit)

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I’m a new user of Comodo, and find its use somewhat errrr … challenging. Finding the correct board to address my questions to is also very challenging. It’s powerful, however, and puts Zone Alarm to shame!

What would be useful to know is how Comodo can be configured for use with Bittorrent. I have thoroughly read the postings for use with Utorrent, but my firewall log is showing that it is blocking the Windows Operating System (usually destination port 34581) every few seconds or so, Program Files\DNA\btdna.exe constantly, and so on.

Is all this blocking and notification necessary? Is it slowing down my computer?

Is there a simple way to adjust my settings to take care of this/ or should these actions be left alone?

I use Bittorrent also. The rules found at this location have a quirk I discovered.
Please use option 1 for setup, but I have found the trackers require port 80 to connect. No connect, no transfer.