Comodo firewall and Tivo

I am unable to use Tivo Desktop/Server ver. 2 with the Comodo firewall. I have three Tivo boxes connected wirelessly to my home network but none can see the Tivo Desktop/Server on my desktop and the Tivo Desktop/Server app cannot see the Tivo boxes. I changed the firewall to “allow all” and only then Tivo would work. I tried adding all IP’s on my home network to allow everything but that did not work either (maybe I did not configure correctly…) I disabled and exited Comodo firewall and turned on the Windows firewall and Tivo worked.

But I just can’t get the Comodo firewall to work with my Tivo’s… Anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you,


Firstly, please bear in mind that Tivo’s aren’t available in Australia, so this is all off the top of my head.

Assuming that your Tivo boxes are on the same subnet as your desktop Tivo server, you should only need to define a zone that covers the subnet your devices are on, and then set it as a trusted zone. Doing these two steps allows controlled, secured access across your LAN and its devices.

Let us know whether this works or not.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

This sounds great. But how i do it? :THNK