Comodo Firewall and System Restore


Were you and her using just the Comodo Firewall in CIS or the Comodo FW+AV?

Like i said in my previous posts its with the AV, thinks its still problem with sfi.dat. i just made the above post because there was talk that Avast caused the problem.


No, the talk was that Avast caused the problem because the user who had the issue wasn’t using the AV in CIS. The user was saying that a firewall only installation of CIS also caused system restore issues, which wasn’t the case. The problem in this instance was Avast.

I was think about comodo bugs today and decided to check my system restore again since am now running a new computer. And it actually went without a hitch. Its strange, Like Heffed mentioned, that only some circumstances prevent system restore from running.


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