comodo firewall and secure dns - unknown activity alert

I have a problem. svchost.exe is trying to connect to an ip that apparently belong to “Global Crossing”. I have no idea why it wants to connect to them. I setup my internet connection to use secure dns from comodo. This alert didn’t come as a direct result from that, but I’m just being informative here, I installed secure dns yesterday. This thing popped up today. Can anyone tell me what this is and why svchost wants to connect to it?

Look at attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It would be helpful to know which hosted service requested this connection. svchost.exe can and will be used by a variety of applications to provide updates and other services. If you can track down the PID and hence the individual service, it might be possible to find out why.

I didn’t write down any pid’s whatsoever I simply screenshoted it. I am going to have to wait until it wants to connect again.