Comodo Firewall and Origin In Game

I can’t believe this is the last place i look.
I checked with {avoiding a ban by not naming a competitor lol} Support, EA support, and now I finally find the problem, comodo firewall.

Comodo Firewall causes origin in game to not work with games like The Sims 4, before uninstalling CF I was unable to open
the in game overlay, unable to make in game purchases, or do anything else that required Origin in game.

Can this be fixed?

The problem is that Comodo thinks its a shellcode injection, and as a result doesn’t allow origin in game to work.

Did you try adding the offending executable or the complete installation folder to the Shellcode Injection Exceptions?

I added the Origin and Origin games folder to the exceptions and it fixed it, thanks!
Although it would be helpful for others that have this problem if it’s automatically added or something.