Comodo firewall and/or antivirus causing Ipod to not eject from computer?

anyone having this problem recently?

i cannot think of anything else that could cause it. itunes 7.3 says some files are in use by another application, yet i cant find ANYTHING else that is using the ipod, heck even windows says it cant be ejected. The only changes i have done inthe last 24 hrs is install this company’s firewall and antivirus solutions.

I think it might be Comodo Antivirus that locks it, try to reboot your computer and then safely remove the hardware, the first thing you do.


Thanks for the link, good to know i am not the only one having this problem. I have removed CAVS for the time being and reinstalled AVG 7.5 Free Edition, and no issues now.

I will try CAVS again when the next version is released (I REALLY hope they fix thiss issue).