Comodo Firewall and IE7 Tabs

I must say that this Firewall is GOD. (:LOV)

OS: WinXP SP3 (Fresh install)
No Antivirus or any other security software as yet installed.

BUT, I am facing a strange problem with IE7 Tabs. (:AGY)
When I open three tabs and then close the last created Tab, suddenly many more tabs begin to open, and the only way to stop this, is to Ctrl+Alt+Del and terminate IE7. (This strange behavior happens occassionally).

Can you please shed some light on this problem?


This has nothing to do with Comodo cause Comodo doesn’t have a web shield. Also IE is white listed so its already a trusted program. You can try to make IE a web browser under the firewall policy by going to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy. Right click on IE and edit it to web browser from the predefined policy’s. Also DO NOT use IE unless you need to. Especially with no av. Use Firefox.


Thanks for a quick response. Appreciated.

I will try your solution and keeping my fingers crossed this strange IE7 Tab behavior won’t happen again.
I am planning to use Comodo Antivirus alongside Comodo FW.

Thanks again

Comodo AV is still beta. Better off using Avast. Or if you want paid go with KAV or NOD32. Are all your Windows updates complete? Also no need for the angry face in your first ever post. Especially since it has nothing to do with Comodo.


I wasn’t blaming Comodo FW (READ my first line and the LOVE face). I just needed some help which you did provide and am truly grateful.

(L) (L) (L) (L)

Peace Man

Your welcome. No DO NOT USE IE. Download and install Firefox.

Ok, I’ll go futher on Vettetech help

Use a different browser than IE :

Both are very good, (but I prefer Opera, depends on taste)

For antivirusses :

For shareware long trial licenses take a look over here


(thanks Vettetech for your help already :wink: )