Comodo Firewall and Frozen Throne

I can’t play and keep the Firewall open when I play the Frozen Throne ! It let my to open it but when I create or join game the Firewall block the game and the hole sistem… so I have to push the restart button ! Do anybody have an ideea what is going on ?

i have the same problem :frowning:

Can you let me know the executable name and the version for WC3 Frozen Throne, and I’ll re-post with the application monitor rules you need to allow online play.

Ewen :slight_smile:

“executable name and the version for WC3 Frozen Throne”? 88) If I am not rong… Frozen Throne.exe wants to connect always but the problem is not there >:( I can reach the Battlenet ! only when I want to … create or join , the Firewall block the game and the sistem.It tells me that Frozen Throne.exe act like an invizible application … sign of trojan/spy etc I give the permision (allow) and after it block the game&sistem like I told you.This kind of problem I have with Counter Strike and The Yahoo Messenger but thouse two I can “use” its . Another curious think is that not every time when I open the Frozen Throne appears the alert tabel from the firewall.
I hope you will can help me ! ;D and I want to congratulate you Comodo for this wonderful Firewall… ;D no ather can see what Comodo do !
What the Yahoo Messenger allways want :THNK !

Today when I sow on the Comodo connection page that war3.exe wants… but it appears no more the one with allow/deny when I open The Frozen Throne.I dont realize what do you mean by “version for WC3 Frozen Throne”.Maybe you refer to 1.21 ???


I’ve got the same problem but I’ve resolved in this way:

Go to the Application monitor;
Select war3.exe;
Right click on it;
Under miscellaneus check “Skip adavances security checks”.

Now all should go in the right way! :smiley:

OMG :BNC Its working ;D I thought I will never resolve this problem ! Thanks a lot man !
I realy thought do give up protecting my pc with Comodo but now I’m happy… thanks to you :■■■■

Great, glad to hear it, Vitzante!

Cucaracha, how are you fairing with it? Any luck?


i see the solution offered, and it works fine… but i have always the same problem with all games and programs which use “total screen”, cause the “comodo alarm” is on second plane and it blocks completely the system since i have to restart…

any solution?


If I remember correctly, cucaracha, an Alt + Tab redoes the focus so you can see the FW alert, and respond to it to create your rule.

I just ran a quick test (not on a game, but the concept is still the same), by causing an application to generate an alert. Alt + Tab moved that application window to the back, and left the FW alert right where it was. So you might try that.

Given that the Frozen Throne rule question has been resolved, the topic will be closed. It can be reopened if need be, to continue to work on the Frozen Throne rule(s); just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.


PS: cucaracha, if you still need help with how to access the FW popups on full-screen gaming and can’t find corresponding topics by searching the FW boards, PM me and I’ll see if I can’t point you in the right direction. We don’t wanna leave you hanging… :wink: