Comodo Firewall and Avast 7

Hi there,

I am using the latest version of CIS (FW + D+) and Avast 7.

In the FW rules, how should I define Avast? Should I set Avast to “Trusted Application – allow all outgoing and incoming requests”, or should I only set it to “allow all outgoing requests”? Every time after rebooting my pc, I get an alert from CIS asking if I allow Avastsetup.exe to connect to the internet.

Also keep in mind that Avast 7 has Streaming Update feature, so I am not sure if it requires incoming traffic.


You can set:


to outgoing only, then check by opening Avast/Summary/Cloud services


I have strictly followed this instruction. However, after a system reboot, the first two files just disappear from the list (the icons change to a Windows folder icon, and the application paths are empty), and the FW asks me again if I allow avast.setup to connect to the Net.

Avast works fine with outgoing rules.

Your experience is caused by using the purge function of comodo lists. Somehow one process of avast is not “permanent” (avast.setup), so if you would let comodo clean the rules list from non existing entries, this one avast will be among them.
Only the avastUI has a symbol. The other two have the placeholder icon.

Same goes for purge of the defense+ list. But if you use safe mode of defense+, avast will get the defense+ list entry automatically again.

I dont know what you mean with, the path is empty.

Block rules should be on top of allow rules in the list.

Just reinstalled on my test system, everything works correctly with the rules I gave you. What are your firewall settings?

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I have set those three files as outgoing only and restarted.

I deleted my Firefox rule and blocked it when it asked and confirmed the block rule was creted.

My home pages opens perfectly (cache cleared) and so does avast forums. Comodo forums and Facebook however cannot open.

Apologies, I’m not I understand, are you asking a question?

Hi All,

I apologise if this seems like I’m high jacking brightness’s thread.

It is not a question, I’m informing you of my findings.

I followed the work-around in this thread and it is NOT working.

I can still access many sites and other’s not.

For example in FF Google and Avast opens.

Comodo and facebook sites are blocked.

Seems to be working here. The image has a very simple configuration. What settings are you using?

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Hi Radaghast,

My settings are EXACTLY like yours.

I followed them from your earlier screenshot.

Even though Firefox is BLOCKED I can still browse.

Most other applications like Skype still works even though it has been BLOCKED.

EDIT - I will try to reinstall Comodo FW

Actually, there’s something not quite right here! I didn’t realise, at first, that you could still connect, even though fx was blocked. So, having now played with things, bearing in mind that problem, it does seem like Avast is making a hole in the firewall with it’s web shield. as soon as that’s disabled, things work as they should. Curious!

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Hi Radaghast,

Yes, that is the actual issue.

As mentioned in my Issue posted on Friday -

I’m not really sure who’s problem this is, although I suspect it’s Avast, as the firewall works correctly when Avast is not installed, or when the web shield disabled. It’s certainly worring and perhaps a good reason not to use the web shield, or even Avast 7, until this is resolved.

It’s probably worth merging these threads…

I dont use the web shield. Is there a security decrease with comodo and avast without web shield?
If not, thats the workaround.

I wondered about some comments from others who said, there wouldnt be a problem with the new avast web shield, while others can reproduce it.
The thematic is spread around some topics meanwhile. I would suggest a merging too.

Basically, a lot of users could be facing this problem, without knowing about it!

Hi Clockwork,

I believe ALL users that have Avast is experiencing this and will never know.

Disabling webshield will cause all browser data and other application information being sent over the internet to not be scanned.

I would rather not have a firewall than have that data not being scanned.

What scenario are you afraid of?
Avira never had a web shield. I have been safe though.
And together with comodo, what should happen?
Now i use avast.

I rather want a firewall, than a web shield. Because without firewall, you dont have any control!

This is definitely an Avast problem. If you use the Windows 7 firewall and set the policy to disallow outbound connections without an explicit rule, launching a browser and trying to connect to any web site fails. As soon as one adds avastsvc.exe to the policy and allows it to make outbound connections, any browser will connect, even without a rule.

I don’t personally use any Real-time antivirus products, but if I did, Avast 7 would not be on the list, at least until this is resolved. I’d rather have a good firewall anyday.

Are you speaking about effects without the web shield? :o

And i wouldnt call it an avast problem. Because if “the file” wasnt from avast but malicious, it wouldnt be just a trojan problem. It would be also a firewall problem!

Hi Clockwork,

Honestly, I would like a Working Firewall and a Working real-time scanner.