COMODO Firewall allows to block whole folder?

I just tried to add a file under Firewall to blocked files list, and, when I was browsing for what file, instead of opening the last folder the file was in, it just selected the folder and now I have a rule “Folder - Block All”.
Can COMODO firewall even do this? Block the whole folder with contents from accessing the net? Or is this just somekinda quirk? :o

There’s a couple of ways to do this, one via the firewall and the other via D+ and the firewall.

With the firewall method, just browse to the folder and use an * in place of the file, then use a block all as a rule.

In the D+ method you add a folder to your protected folders and files by creating a group. You can then use that in the rule making process.

I take it, then, that I can also allow all files from a certain folder to connect to the Net, by doing the same kind of thing in a rule that allows outbound connections?

My Avast anti-virus often creates randomly-named update files, each of which require permission to connect. Creating a general rule for the Avast folder would save some time. (I’m not too worried about any of these files being malicious—if you can’t trust the files in your antivirus’s own folder, you may as well give up!)

P.S.: To keep my message from being too boring, I’ve linked it to the exciting flange diagram below.