Comodo Firewall 7 Earns PC Mag Editor Choice Award!!!

An awesome review about latest Comodo Firewall 7 by PC Mag lead security Analyst “Mr.Niel J. Rubenking”[/b]

Bottom Line:

"While Comodo Firewall 7 does the job of a firewall very well, it also does much more. Its behavior-based detection of suspicious activities can alert you to malware (though it may also trigger on valid programs). With new features like Viruscope, it looks like Comodo may be moving away from heavy-handed behavioral detection. Smart!

The sandbox feature lets you run iffy programs without risk, and this latest edition can automatically sandbox any unknown programs. Secure browsing, Do Not Track, a virtual desktop, the bonus features go on and on. Expert users will have a field day with the multi-faceted Killswitch tool.

Comodo Firewall 7 is an Editors’ Choice for third-party firewall".


nice one!

Dear Mr. Melih Abdulhayoglu,

Thank you for providing such a wonderful security software for free. I see a significant improvement in terms of both performance and detection capabilities with the release of Comodo Internet Security versions 6x and 7x (AV test, PC Mag, Cnet reviews etc). Keep up the great work!

I look forward to contributing Comodo by passing the word everywhere.

Phani Kondapani
Atomic Force Microscopy technologist

Thank you very much Phani. Really appreciate your support in making Internet a safer place.

thank you!


Congratulations COMODO team :slight_smile:

please improve AV more to get EC for CIS, not only CF.

[b]Cons [/b]

Behavior Blocker warns about both good and bad programs. Website filtering failed antiphishing test.

88) attention please

Nice read, indeed. :wink:

Now waiting for some CIS 7 reviews.

Kindly remember:
There’ll always be room
for some improvements to be made.
:a0 >:-D

Congrats! :slight_smile: :-TU

That’s Right :azn: