Comodo firewall 4.1 and Avira free 2012

I began installing Avira free 2012 yesterday and during that installation a warning was shown stating CIS might cause problems.

I only installed the version 4.1 firewall with Defence +. Well i`m not going to uninstall my firewall. Has anyone experienced problems with Avira free, especially with the Defence + functionality?

I`m not only curious about 4.1 users, also version 5 users of course.

I got the same error using 5.5. I don’t want to switch firewalls, either. I’ll use Antivir 11 for now. I hope Comodo releases a fix.

Any reason you are using 4.1? :wink:

the problem is with avira not comodo, they are doing something different and they need to fix it.

There might be a conflict when using Defense+ with Avira free 2012 but i think that will be very rare. I can always excluse some key Comodo components in Avira but thats just too much of a hassle for now. Im happy with Avira 11 so i`ll stick with it.

Maybe in the future i will try Avira free 2012 in a virtual environment using Shadow Defender but i don`t want to go through all that trouble now.

The Avira installshield even warns about Super Anti Spyware which i have installed but the real time scanner of that is turned off. I guess they only want users to use their anti malware products. No way. The installation of that silly toolbar is also the default setting, how lame.

Since almost 4 years, I’m loyal to Comodo Firewall free plus Avira AV Free on 9 PCs and laptops.

However, I observed during the recent Avira 13 upgrade, it still pops a dialog box asking to remove Comodo. But, as usual, I always ignore it and proceed for Avira installation on top of Comodo.

My questions:

a) why this issue still happening? will this affect the functionality of either programs?
b) how to know my firewall is not getting messed up by Avira and vice versa

ps: I’m still using Comodo 5.10.x Is this good enough for a typical home requirement?

Please suggest,

Thank you.

I would advise contacting Avira about this issue. It seems the problem is on their end.

I’m not sure that there is a problem, but if they are recommending that it be removed it’s possible that there may be an incompatibility on their end. Please contact them about this.

As for using Comodo Firewall V5.10, I would recommend V 6.2, but 5.10 is still usable. It’s still very strong, although V 6.2 is slightly more secure. I’d advise trying out V 6.2 and see if you like it. If you don’t you can always reinstall V 5.10.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Sure, I’ll post at Avira. Never got registered there, so it’s the right time to bug them! ;D

Yeah, since you mentioned ‘slightly more secure’ I’ll try 6.2 for sure. I’ll certainly care if it’s even 1% more secure than 5.10.x because that 1% is enough on the Internet :slight_smile:

ps: apart from GRC website, how to analyze my firewall is good enough? I mean, do you suggest any site or program(s) to test?

Thanks a lot.

I don’t really know of any way to really test incoming protection. I really just rely on testing organizations and word of mouth. That said, I haven’t heard of any major issues.