Comodo Firewall 3.13 ProActive Defense

Hi - some info or help PLEASE. New HP pavillion elite desktop running Win 7 64 bit. Second thing d/l and installed was Comodo Firewall 3.13. No glitches in the install and all appears to be running well. However; ProActive Defense is running in Safe Mode but it has NEVER given me a single file to review! This is very odd as my last pc in XP had files daily (especially from Antivir’s daily update) or anytime I d/l and installed new apps. I’ve installed many new apps over the last several days and not a single file has been put in for review. Does this mean Comdo FW is not working correctly on the Win7 64 bit OS??? I’m concerned I’m not protected as thought.

In Safe Mode there is no such thing as pending files. Pending files are only produced when having set D+ to Clean PC mode.

When CIS is not running correctly you will see a red circle through the icon in the systray. Also try running Diagnostics under Miscellaneous.

Also check under Network Security Policy and Computer Security Policy to see if any rules are being generated.

Eric, thank you for the brief and to the point response. Sorry I hadn’t picked-up on the pending file usage in the definitions of the different modes.

I did run diagnostics which came up clean and there are rules being written under D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy. (I’m not networked).

So I’ve peace of mind that alls well. Again many thanks!