Comodo Firewall BETA Available

I would like to announce the availability of Comodo Firewall at

What’s New?

  • Added support to detect breakout-wp leak test(A second variant of breakout leak test),
  • Added protocol analysis logs(Previously the firewall was dropping packets silently when packets failed protocol analysis)
  • Fixed some small bugs

can you install over existing or clean install required?

ewen :slight_smile:

Better to reinstall Ewen. I think it will automatically uninstall previous version.

I`m going to uninstall the old beta and reinstall this puppy and see how it goes. (CNY) (L)

Installed this new beta over the last beta with no problems. Just a few preliminary comments/observations.

  1. Installing this beta on top of my previous beta only uninstalled the older beta and then asked if I wanted to restart my computer. After the reboot the CPF setup was not started. I had to manually install the new beta.

Shouldn’t the final version handle the uninstall and reninstall after the reboot automatically? Most other products do this. After the first reboot the setup procedure for the new version is run automatically. There is the possibility that some less then proficient user would not have the ‘smarts’ to install the new version themselves thinking that what they just ran did that for them.

  1. Scanning for known applications still only scans my C: partition as indicated by the changing list of files that are being scanned. I have many more drives/partitions on my system that are not being scanned at all.

Also, only 3 applications on my C: partition, which is my boot and system drive, are being found. They are iexplore.exe, msimn.exe, and msnmsgr.exe. I have lots more and would have thought CPF would know about them. One is AOL AIM which just about everyone uses. Even Outlook Express is not being automatically found on my system.

  1. I know that since the last beta you do some checks during shutdown. On my system a shutdown takes less then 10 seconds. With the new betas it is more then 30 seconds. Any plans to try and reduce the delay? You’d be amazed how annoying 30+ seconds can be when shutting down especially when I have to power off some hardware right after. I just can’t press Shutdown and walk away from my machine.


No problems so far with the latest beta, just uninstalled, reinstalled, then rebooted and everything seems fine. I will post any bugs or anything that I think should be improved.


+1 (R)

Tthe new beta is working great so far on my system. Good job guys.

It is working fine. :smiley:

Now it reports why Kad search is blocked.,1121.msg7864.html#msg7864

its working fine on both of my computers (R)

Its working great, no problems.



Hi guys,

Tomorrow we will be releasing another BETA with a new leak test(CPIL3). We have tested all major firewalls with their highest settings. More info about the new technique, and the underlying threat analysis will be available tomorrow.


Can’t wait ;D

P.S. How many more Beta versions will there be until the final release of version 2.3?

Looking forward to the new beta.


Also, I have a problem with CPF not remembering my selection for Kodak Easyshare software updater. It seems that when I put my computer into standby then wake it CPF pops up a message about it. I’ve got some screenshots.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Tried the new BETA and this is the first time I’ve had problems with it. First, I must say that the uninstaller is not wothy of the word uninstall. It leaves a bunch of stuff in the registry and does not do a good job of cleaning up. Anyone ever hear of zero footprint?

I used the uninstall program this time just to see everything it left behind. Thumbs down for the uninstaller. I know this is not a priority item, but should eventually be improved.

I’m not sure if this was caused by the installer, but after allowing it to restart my system, XP did not reboot. Instead it put my laptop into suspend mode. I couln’t even get it out of the docking station because the undock button was still locked. I finally got the system out of suspend and was able to unlock. Never had this before, but I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt. :slight_smile:

I installed the new BETA, rebooted and got an error message about not being able to find an autoproxy. I booted a 2nd time and got the pop-up below. After a third boot things quieted down.

All other problems I previously mentioned are still there such as font truncations, saving window settings, transparent registration menu, launching IE from the about page etc, but I guess these things will be fixed when the dust settles right?.

I should have waited till tommorrow for the next BETA :slight_smile:

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I’m testing this beta now and the program gets better and better! (J)

The only problems are minor;

  1. The installer should resume automatically after restarting post uninstall of the previous version.

  2. I have COMODO Backup installed and the COMODO App Launcher doesn’t add it after CPF is installed. How to manually do that without reinstalling Backup?

When you say added protocol analysis logs, are you saying that there is a 2nd log other than the one that can be viewd from the GUI?

Where is this log located?


To see it,

try the following : ping -l 1024

When the OFFICIAL (and not beta) new version of Comodo Firewall will be available?

All I saw was an alert that ping.exe was trying to connect to the internet. I allowed it and got a timeout.
I’m totally confused.