Comodo Firewall question

when you said you re-entered them again, did you edit the rule you had created or do you now have two new rules?

I must have 2 new rules because I did not edit the one I made the mistake with. Didn’t know how to edit it so when I realized I had made a mistake I just did it again the right way. Tell me how to edit the wrong rule so I just have the correct one please? Or tell me if I need to uninstall and reinstall and start all over again. Really don’t want to mess this program up any more than I may have. :THNK

If you look in your application rules you should be able to highlight the rule that is wrong (just click on it once) and remove it. Study the screen that comes on when you click on application monitor and you should be able to see how to do it. If you get stuck post again and I will attach a screenshot.


Have a question. Opened Comodo/Security/Application Monitor and I found two I am not sure about. One is for SiteAdv.exe and it says RANGE: 0-65535/Protocol TCP/UDP/In/Out and Permission is Allow. I have the same thing for one of my iexplore.exe Are these the ones I need or are these the 2 I need to delete. Maybe it would be a good idea to give me a screen shot after explaining what I have just said above. Waiting for help and thanks…

Sounds like you need to remove the one where iexplore.exe is listed as the parent and site adv as the application.

You can see which is parent at the bottom of the screen when you click on a rule, screenshot attached.


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Thanks. After looking at your screen shot and checking what I had, I removed the wrong ones and now just have the right ones. SiteAdv.exe as parent and iexplore.exe as application. That was easy once you told me what to do. Gee, I am learning more each time I come here. One more question. How did you take a screen shot of your application monitor. I didn’t find how to save it so I could browse for it using the Additional Options on the bottom of this screen.

Since I talked to you last I haven’t had any more alerts pop up. After the above question is answered then this topic can probably be closed until the next time… And I want to thank kail and N.T.T.W. for their quick responses and expert help to someone who knows absolutely nothing.

For screenshots this may help:

Personally I open the screen I want to copy, then press ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard. This copies what is on screen.

Next I open up Paint from start menu and click paste. This then pastes your whole screen shot into paint.

You can then narrow it down by selecting the region of your image that you want to show (click on the tool I have circled in the screenshot) and select cut.

Open a new file (dont save changes to the old one) and select paste again. Then save the file as a JPEG. It is now ready to attach to a post.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Further to NTTW’s post, if you only want to capture the currently active window, rather than the whole desktop, press ALT-PRINT SCREEN, instead of just PRINT SCREEN.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks. Have used Paint before but thought there was a way to do it from your site.