Comodo Firewall 12 vs VGA Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver: update hangs

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
Forgive my English first of all.
I will try anyway to explain the problem I encountered updating Comodo Firewall v 12.

This is my current general environment (too old, I know!): ASUS X5DIJ notebook, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, 4GB RAM, Intel GMA 4500M VGA, AVG antivirus, Comodo Firewall v 12.

Problem: I was unable to update Comodo Firewall from version to version (of which I had taken the installer) due to a blockage of the update process; block preceded by a series of “flashes” of the screen (which has become completely black several times), until returning to the desktop with a sort of black frame in the middle of it and the process of firewall updating hanged (as verified with the Task Manager: “not responding”, it said).

Obviously I made more attempts, including the removal, even with Comodo Uninstaller v, of Comodo Firewall: nothing to do.
Nothing to do even trying to reinstall version flashing screen and installation hanged.

So, considering both the monitor flashes (I thought of the video card drivers) and “going backwards”, since I had never had difficulties with Comodo Firewall installations or updates so far, I decided to remove the video drivers from just few days installed (for better color management, otherwise too faded).
Well, after removing the original drivers (VGA Intel Graphics Media Accelerator x64, taken from the manufacturer’s website), I was able to successfully complete the installation of Comodo Firewall, without monitor flash or process blocks of installation itself.

Finally, specify that:

  1. in my other computers (with different video cards) the update process from version to version happened without problems;
  2. the coexistence of Comodo Firewall (both version and with the aforementioned original drivers does not seem to create any problem (once I’ve installed before Comodo Firewall and after the original manufacturer drivers);
  3. the presence of the original drivers identified above seem to prevent the Comodo Firewall update.

Thank you so much for your attention! :viva:

Hi markinson,

Thanks for reporting, Could you please check your personal mail and provide the requested logs.